Best Ceiling Fan Remote Controls

Fan Remote Controls

What is a Remote Control?

A remote control is a component of an electronic gadget/device used to control or operate wirelessly a machine or apparatus from a distance by means of infrared or radio signal/waves from a distance. Many best ceiling fans too are operated with remote control.

Why Remote Control?

With a fan remote control, one is allowed to operate with convenience devices that are out of reach for direct operation control. Remote control devices send out digitally coded pulses/waves of infrared radiations or radio signal so as to control functions/features such as

  • Power
  • Volume
  • Tuning
  • Temperature set points
  • Fan speed
  • Other features used to operate electronic devices.

Many home electronic devices contain just a handful essential control features while a fan remote control contain an array of almost all control features. Most recent technology has improved remote control to include Bluetooth connectivity, voice control features and motion control connectivity.

Remote controls are designed to operate a specific device that its configured to match with but with improved technology, we have universal remote controls that can operate more than one device.

What do our reviews say about best fan remote controls available?

Hunter Universal 3 Speed Ceiling Fan/Light Fan Remote Control

This classic contemporary modern universal fan/light control designed by Hunter comes in an elegant sleek Desert Platinum finish. With separate buttons for each three fan speeds plus “Instant Off.” The fan remote control features a full-range light diming option and manual light operation option with the provided wall switch access plate control and cradle. This best lightweight control operates a variety of fans and is the perfect available solution for control most of your home fans.

Litex Wall Command Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control

Litex  Wall Command Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control,  comes with three Speeds and Full Range Dimmer control. During installation of a Litex control or any other fan control, you need a wall control unit that is simple and easy to install. This Litex WCI-100, wall control lets you change the speed of your fan and adjust the lighting  of the fan with a full range light dimmer. The Wall Control remote unit has an instant on\off button. The wall control will work with a variety of down rod fans, flush or vaulted positions. This control remote unit does not carry a reverse option.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Wall Remote Control

This remote control unit lets you enjoy the convenience of adjusting the ceiling fan speed without ever having to reach out for a pull chain. The Westinghouse Lighting Ceiling Fan Wall unit Control replaces a toggle switch and can also be used with most ceiling fan brands. Operates four fan speeds (high/medium-high/medium/low) and  can turn any three-speed fan into a four-speed fan.

GE Smart Fan remote Control, Z-Wave, In-Wall, 12730

With GE smart  in wall wave smart fan control unit switch, you can transform any home setup into a smart home. This is one-of-a-kind fan switch that easily replaces any standard in-wall switch installation and enables wireless control of best ceiling fans anywhere in the world, in any home setup. It features a three-fan-speed control system, integrated LED indicator light option and requires in-wall installation coupled with hardwired connections for a full control from devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops and Z-Wave enabled wireless remote control.

Harbor Breeze Universal Ceiling Fan & Light Wall Fan Remote Control.

This 3 -speed fan remote control comes with full range light dimming option and is very easy to install for indoor use, with stylish white finish

Lutron DVWFSQ-FH-WH Diva Single-Pole and 3-Way Fan Remote Control

This Lutron Diva Single-Pole or 3-Way Fan Control is an excellent pick for controlling fan speeds. It conveniently and accurately keeps preset levels thanks to a slider feature that adjusts the fan speed and rocker switch which turns fans on or off. This remote control will fit into large designer-style openings and matches other Diva dimmers and accessories perfectly without much ado.

Lutron Skylark Dimmer & Fan Control

You can comfortably and conveniently control your ceiling fan and light fixture with this Skylark Dual Slide Fan Control and Dimmer. To operate it, simply move the left slider up to turn on the fan or increase the fan speed, or move the slider down to decrease the fan speed or turn it off. has 3 quiet fan speeds for increased comfort and air freshness.  For lighting, move the right slider up to turn on the lights or to brighten it or down to dim or turn off the lights. Installs very quickly and easily for enhanced  home comfort. Dimming the lights mostly helps save energy and extends bulb life.

Holmes Blizza Control Power Fan with Rotating Grill

The Holmes blizzard fan with remote control has rotating grills for wide coverage and the 3-speed settings for more comfort ability. It has sleep and breeze modes with automatic shut off timer and control for convenience. With oversized carry handle for easy portability.

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