Best Office Ball Chair Reviews

best office ball chair

The ball chair is one of the more unique desk or office chair varieties, as it focuses more on keeping your back straight and strengthening the muscles than most standard chairs usually used in the work place.

While there are other styles that have this same sort of function, the ball style chair also has a separate purpose in that it can be used to do exercises throughout the day as well.

The question is: Is the ball chair perfect for an office setting?

YES! Most companies and organizations see the need for ergonomic resources (Check with your manager or human resources representative before you bring in your ball chair). This type of chair gives a unique type of support to the lower back, which people who sit at their desk or workstation for hours at a time know how important that is.

Sitting on a normal chair does not quite provide the lower back support that most people need and in most cases will encourage poor posture.

A couple of suggestions for a perfect office setting would be to have an electric height adjustable desk along with a ball chair. This would allow you to sit comfortably; strengthening your core and improving you posture. Then when you feel you have just been sitting to long, roll the ball chair back, raise the desk, and use it as a standing station.

Don’t forget to get your ergonomic keyboardmouse and wireless headset to make for a perfectly ergonomic work environment.

While some people simply use yoga balls as their own version of the ball-style chair, actual styles that you purchase specifically to be used to sit on often have a lumbar for extra support when sitting back. Often the styles that come with the backing also allow for the ball portion to be removed for exercise purposes. These chairs sometimes have elbow rests and most have rollers.

Best Office Ball Chairs

1. Isokinetics Ball Chair

best office ball chair

While there are so many brands that you can find when it comes to choosing the right ball chair for you, you are also more or less to see different prices that could either be cheap or very expensive.

However, most brands, especially if they have great features, would most likely have a price tag that is expensive, but there is one brand that, due to their different approach to the market, can sell great quality of ball chairs at a price that people would not be hesitant to get one, they are Isokinetics, Inc.

Isokinetics Inc. brings great quality of office ball chairs and other health products at an affordable price since they do not have middlemen involved whenever they decide to carry a specific product. They search for the best manufacturers of the said ball chairs and other products and make sure that it will be a trusted product before they put their name on it.

This means that the lesser people that are involved in every transaction they make, the lower the price that they can pass on to their consumers, which of course will be a lot of advantages for most people who will buy the product.

Isokinetics offers a lot of products that helps people improve on their health and well-being. They have exercise balls, dumbbells, folding and adjustable pedal exerciser, yoga mats, wobbles board and of course their balance ball chairs which is priced around $64.95, and is definitely cheaper compared to other brands.

Isokinetics ball chairs have two types, one that is called as balance ball chair, while the other one is a Fitness ball chair, both of which promotes good posture as well as better health to its users. Using ball chairs are most of the time called as a form of active sitting as well since whenever you are seated on top of the exercise ball, your body is making small adjustments that are beneficial to all of us especially those who suffer back pains during long hours of sitting.

best office ball chair

Other features that you will get from these ball chairs is their black finish with Silver Flakes, they also have a rolling base that makes you mobile or move around the area just like an ordinary desk chair, the height as well as the back rest are also adjustable for you to have a customized fit, it can accommodate different exercise ball shapes as well, it encourages active sitting which is very essential for ball chairs and lastly it prevents the user from slouching which is the most common reason why we are experiencing upper and lower back aches.

Isokinetics Ball Chair could be one of the best choices that you can get if you are currently planning to buy on today. The price is lower compared to the others while you are guaranteed to get the same value of quality like those that are very expensive. Isokinetics Ball Chair also comes with 1 year warranty so can make sure that what you are getting is definitely made of best quality.

How do Office Ball Chairs Work?

The logic behind the ball chair is that it helps to ensure that the back is kept at a more natural up-right position as opposed to sitting on a normal chair slouching and getting back pain.

Most people slouch at their desk, especially when they are sitting at it for hours at a time. This is not only bad for the spine, but also the lower back and stomach muscles. This type of chair keeps them engaged by forcing the person sitting on it to keep themselves balanced in an upright position.

Someone considering investing in and using a ball chair on a regular basis should be aware that one does take some time to get used to, and chances are they will have to ease themselves into the habit of sitting properly. The process doesn’t take long, you can rotate between your office chair and ball chair until you strengthen your abdominals enough to sit on the ball for long periods of time.

From a fitness standpoint, the ball style chair is great as you can take a small office break to do some crunches, or any other type of exercise that strengthens you with the use of a yoga ball. The innate stomach and lower back strengthening that happens while using the chair regularly is also a benefit, and with time may have a long lasting effect on the appearance of those areas.

This type of chair is indeed the perfect option for the office. The ball chair keeps them upright and strengthens key muscle areas, as well the ability to take some time out for some stress-relieving exercises any time of the day.

Everyone knows that in Western Civilization we are becoming more sedentary. Innovations in everything from escalators to computers have made our lives easier.

However, we are now realizing that this increasing decline in physical activity is having very negative effects on our health. Using the best ball as a chair in your home or office is a simple, yet effective, way to add some activity to your life, especially if you spend a lot of time at a computer!

Take a minute and, without moving, think about how you are sitting? Are you slumped back into a chair? Slumped sideways? How often are you in this position? Have you ever thought about what it might be doing to your back and your overall health?

Poor posture leads to uneven loading of disks in the spine and a compression of respiratory and digestive organs. Also, most chairs support your weight as you relax and, while this may be more comfortable, the support decreases the strength of the muscles that support your spine. This decrease in strength can lead to back pain or put you at risk for a back injury.

The Body Ball Chair promotes “active sitting” because you cannot relax while seated on the ball. There are constant small adjustments in your back, hips, knees and ankles to keep you balanced on the ball.

These small adjustments help circulation to the disks in your spine and can strengthen your back muscles. Also, gentle bouncing on the ball will encourage you to sit in the correct posture and will strengthen your postural muscles, and all you have to do is SIT!

What is the purpose of sitting on the ball chair?

best office ball chair

The best office ball chairs are designed to help those who want to increase the health of their back and the rest of their body.

If you come to it with this intention in mind, you will find that it is an invaluable aid to achieving wellness while working. The Surgeon General of the United States of America has reported that inactivity at work poses a significant threat to the well-being of those in an office workplace; get on the ball and rock and roll all day at work.

Why is the ball better than a chair?

Ergonomic chairs, although initially comfortable, do little to improve posture. They are designed to hold the body upright but do not allow you to move or hold yourself up, and therefore encourage the postural muscles to atrophy.

The Office Ball Chair represents a dynamic sitting surface because one is always moving as one goes about various tasks. Because of this, it builds up the endurance of the postural muscles and leads to better posture.

How do I know that it will be the right size for my desk?

The Office Ball will fit under just about any desk. The key however is making sure that the ball is the right size for you! Always adjust the ball so that it is comfortable for your height, and then adjust your keyboard and everything else accordingly.

What size Office Ball Chair is right for me?

Depending on your height and the length of your legs, the Body Ball Synergy International Inc. will provide you with the appropriate size of ball.

While sitting on a ball your bottom should be slightly higher than your knees. So a slightly larger ball is better. As with choosing any ball make sure that your knees are NEVER higher than your hips)

Will it help my back?

If used correctly, yes. The Office Ball helps your back by teaching the body sit in good posture and giving it the endurance to stay there. If you are sitting in poor posture on the Ball, your body will give you feedback. You will find it very uncomfortable to sit in incorrect posture on the Ball.

When sitting in good posture however the ball is much more comfortable than sitting in a regular chair. The Ball then is a teaching aid for the body to learn to treat the back with respect. The spine is the message center to the rest of the body and needs to be kept in good alignment in order to work efficiently.

What keeps you from falling off?

If you use the Ball correctly, you will find that it is very stable. To demonstrate this a Risk and Safety Assessment with 45 companies that have been using the Ball for up to two years using proper directions was completed and not one fall was reported.

How do I inflate the ball?

Unless you have a lot of hot air, the easiest way to inflate the Office Ball is with our dual-action Faster Blaster pump. Some people take their Ball to the gas station to inflate it; other people explore new forms of exercise by using a bicycle pump.

When inflating the ball, keep in mind that the ball may appear full before it reaches 26 inches in height, it will inflate further. To function as a seat, the Ball must be full of pressurized air, so don’t be afraid to inflate the ball to its full size if necessary.

Will the Office Ball fit in my car?

Yes. You can fit up to three fully inflated Balls in a car at once.

Aren’t I too old to sit on it?

People in their seventies and eighties are enjoying the Office Ball right now. However, it is easier to sit on a ball that is a litter softer. You can play bridge on it, work on it, watch television on it, the list goes on.

Wouldn’t people laugh at me?

So what if they do? Some may laugh, but just as many will be impressed with the creativity of the ball, and once they try it, they too will be hooked.

Do other people actually sit on it and work?

Yes! Thousands of people across the country and the world are benefiting from the Ball instead of a chair right now.

Wouldn’t this be a great thing for kids in school?

Yes, as a matter of fact. There are many classrooms where all of the kids are on the ball! Body Ball Synergy International Inc. carries a book specifically for the use of the ball with kids.

We also have many research articles, studies and newspaper reports of entire schools switching from chairs to balls. We have a long research study regarding using the balls with developmentally delayed children. A study considering the benefits of the ball to the students in terms of learning, health, and comfort is currently underway.

How would the Office Ball help my posture?

Normally, it is necessary for people to dedicate their thoughts to staying in good posture in order to achieve it; the Office Ball however gives feedback such that you will unconsciously learn to stay in good posture. What’s more, sitting on the Office Ball builds up your muscles and habits so you will remain in good posture even after you stand up!

Would the Office Ball improve my circulation?

Yes. Because you are constantly moving around while on the ball rather than always pressing your legs into a hard chair, circulation is greatly improved in the legs and other parts of the body.

Would it cut down on my visits to the doctor?

It has for many.

What are the advantages of a using a Ball instead of a chair?

The Ball is superior to the traditional chair because it allows movement while seated. While seated, people have a tendency to slouch, especially when their minds are busy with other tasks.

As the people continue to sit, they slouch further, usually ending up in poor posture, supported by the backrest. While many people at this point become conscious of their poor posture due to back pain, the sad fact is that most people lack the strength in the lower back to sit in good posture for long lengths of time.

The triumph of the Office Ball Chair is the way in which it exercises and strengthens the lower back in ways that no other work-out can.

While a workout in a gym might strengthen the major muscle groups of the area, sitting on the Office Ball builds up the multifidus, rotatories and transverse abdominus muscles that lay deep within the trunk.

These small spinal stabilizars are essential for the conditioning of the bodies CORE. This strengthening is accomplished by encouraging the body to sit in good posture while on the ball, gradually building up the strength of the back muscles until it is possible to be in perfect posture, all of the time.

A Ball has many advantages over any ergonomic chair. At best, an ergonomic chair allows the back to go slack but remain in good posture; at worse your back may be comfortable now but will hurt later because the curvature of the spine is incorrect.

In either case, you are not moving and the muscles in your back are not in use and continue to atrophy. The Office Ball however teaches the body how to sit in correct posture and gives it the strength to stay there.

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