Apple Watch 42mm Stainless Steel with Milanese Loop 

When it comes to precision in timepieces and you are in need of something different, then the Apple Watch 42mm Stainless Steel Case with Milanese loop stands out from many other smart watches. This watch is made for you if you are looking for design and technology all in one.

With the design in mind and great technology in watches, this is one of the best smartwatches available on the market providing you with more than just style.

Superb Design

The latest edition of Apple watches presents you with a 42mm stainless steel case consisting of a Milanese loop. The watch is on the glitzy side and very elegant as well. The stainless steel design provides the Smartwatch with a solid, but sturdy design without feeling heavy on the arm.

The watch itself measures 1.65” x 0.41” x 1.41 inches while the back of the timepiece is covered in ceramic with two band-released buttons providing a modern look. The display of the Apple Watch is superb as it uses OLED technology, presenting you with the ease of use while used in sunlight. The display provides you with a 309-pixel display.

While the Milanese loop has a magnetic clasp for ease of use and the digital crown is the best part of this watch design. It is sturdy and smooth providing you with a solid click when used. The Milanese loop bands made of a mesh-like material with a soft bath towel feeling. The crown is used to scroll through the available apps while the provided Taptic Engine advises you that you have reached the end tapping you back to the beginning.

The Apple Smartwatch comes with a specifically designed charger that connects magnetically to the back of the watch – the cables made of plastic and stainless steel and includes a charging dock.

Operating System and Navigation

The Apple Smartwatch operates with a Watch-OS operating system while one navigates it through capacitive touch by tapping or swiping. Another alternative use is the force touch working with a press action, or using the digital crown from scrolling, zooming, time, accessibility, home, and Siri.

The watch is packed with loads of sensors from an ambient light sensor making reading the display in sunlight easier. It has an accelerometer and a heart rate monitor that is great if you are in need of a watch for fitness. And, it also comes with a gyroscope sensor.

You will receive Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity while the battery life provides you:

  • 18 hours of use
  • 3 hours talking time
  • 5 hours of audio playback
  • 5 hours of workout use
  • 48 hours of time check, usage and 72 hours when used as a timepiece only
  • The Smartwatch is water resistant certified with IPX7 under IEC 60529 standards.
  • It has a massive storage capability of 8GB, allowing for storage of music up to 2GB and photos of up to 75MB.

Quality Features

  • Consists of a digital crown
  • For convenience of use it has a retina display with force touch, heart rate sensor, gyroscope sensor, and accelerometer
  • For ease of reading in bright light, it has an ambient light sensor
  • Designed with microphone and speaker
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Provides up to 18 hours battery life
  • Water resistant

Provided with built-in apps that includes: messages, phone, passbook, photos, Siri, Alarm, Calendar, Music, Timer, World Clock, Settings, Workout, Maps, Stocks, Camera remote, and Activity

Customer Feedback

The Apple Watch 42mm, Stainless Steel Case with Milanese loop has received outstanding smartwatch ratings on Amazon from customers who have bought the product. They are pleased with the quality, battery life, heart rate monitor, provided workouts for exercising, and superb design.

Personally, the positive remarks are far more than the negative remarks making this one of the best smartwatches available. The watch is a little costly but you can also find good smart watches under $100 from online stores or any other local stores.


The watch has a superb design and stylish to wear anywhere

The Retina display and force touch features are great making the watch easier to use

Great to use while doing your workouts

Provides a long battery usage

Packed with many built-in apps


The product has received more positive ratings than negative ratings from customers with one client advising that the watch is a waste of money without providing actual reasons as to why they are saying this.


If you are looking for style and a watch for fitness loaded with some great technology features the Apple Watch 42mm, Stainless Steel Case with Milanese loop watch is made for you. Packed with some great built-in apps from messaging to keeping time you will be able to wear this watch to work, gym, and any stylish event.

Best Bunk Beds for Kids: The Ultimate Buying Guide for 2017

Best Bunk Beds for Kids: The Ultimate Buying Guide for 2017

The best bunk beds for kids are a fabulous solution to saving space!

Ever since they were first introduced on the market, decades ago, they have been immensely popular and this popularity shows no sign of waning.

They are ideal for making a room look larger by having two beds in the place of one. Conventionally kid’s bunk beds have a solid frame so that the top and bottom parts are fused which means that they cannot be taken apart.

However, a new type of bunk bed has recently been introduced. The top and bottom bunks are detachable which can be very advantageous.

One of the bestsellers of this type of bunk bed is the Walker Edison Twin Over Twin bunk bed. If you are looking for a nice, sturdy, strong and cheap bunk bed for sale that is well within your budget, this review will certainly help you make a better buying decision.

Things to Look for in a Bunk Bed

Most people seem to assume that when it comes to bunk beds, you just simply have to go in store and pretty much pick the first one that you see and arrange to have it delivered.

That is hardly the case. There are a number of things that anyone wanting to buy a bunk bed should consider before selecting a particular bed. Certain details to think about including the following:

  1. Material the bunk bed is made out of and its stability
  2. The size of the guard-rail
  3. The size of the bunk bed ladder
  4. Length of the space between the two beds and size of lower bunk
  5. Ease of assembly

Many bunk beds are very pleasing when it comes to fitting the right bill in every way possible. Let us examine the Walker Edison twin over twin bunk bed in relation to all the important factors that need to be kept in mind before a final purchase decision is made.

Knowing the Material Aspects

When you go to a bunk bed showroom, you are likely to see a great many wooden bunk beds that give an impression of being extremely solid and sturdy. Don’t get deceived by that. Yes, high quality wooden bunk beds are something that you can absolutely depend on to stay still and not rock about to terrorize your children, but that is the key word here high quality. Be sure if you select a bunk bed with a wooden frame that the raw material can stand the test of time; go only to a reputable dealer.

On the other hand, you have the option of trying out bunk beds that have a steel frame. They look ultra-cool and very fashionable and always look very well-built and unyielding, as if they will resolutely and stubbornly refuse to move regardless of the pressure exerted on them from any angle.

When you look at the Walker Edison twin over twin bunk bed, you will find that it is made out of the best quality steel that has a finish which is lead-free. Its frame is tubular and looks gorgeous. In addition to this, the steel frame is extremely durable and designed with an eye towards being built to last.

Guarding Your Children Using Guardrails

It is imperative that every bunk bed come not only with guardrails, but those guardrails that live up to certain standards.

For one thing, all guardrails should be of full length on one side and at the very least, no less than fifteen inches less than the full size on the opposite side.  Similarly the guardrails should come with some sort of attaching device that cannot be unfastened without someone going to a great deal of trouble. From a safety point of view, this will protect the person who sleeps in the top bed from getting badly hurt unnecessarily by way of a guardrail that is loose.

The Walker Edison twin over twin bunk bed comes with full length guardrails so that every parent can sleep easily at night knowing their child will not fall over. Plus the guardrails attach securely to the bed frame and cannot be moved unless considerable force is exerted in opposite directions.

Climbing up the Ladder

You will probably notice that various bunk beds seem to have ladders of varying sizes. Some are narrow, some are wide. Ideally a bunk bed ladder should be of a generous size, in relation to the width, and should be very firmly secured to the bed frame. The Walker Edison twin over twin bunk bed has a wonderfully solid ladder that stays firmly in place and never sways. It cannot be unfastened by a child in any case, a feature that is very encouraging for parents.

The Space In Between

Bunk beds should have a good sized space between the two bunks. A longer length space means that young children will be discouraged from standing up on the top bunks. It is also important that the width of the lower bed be of an ample size to allow people to sit on it comfortably. More space on the lower bunk reduces the tendency of young children wanting to play or jump about on the upper bunk.

The Walker Edison twin over twin bunk bed not only has a very long space between the two bunks but the lower bunk is quite wide as well.

To Assemble or Not Assemble

It can be an unbelievable hassle to try and assemble bunk beds on your own. It requires at least two people and a lot of time, plus a very clearly written instruction manual. Most bunk beds can be quite tricky to put together with the end result that you really aren’t sure how good a job you have actually done.

With the Walker Edison twin over twin bunk bed, you can rest easy. It comes with a lovely illustrated manual that explicitly defines how to go about easily putting the bed together.

Even better all the tools that are needed for the assembly come with the purchase of the bunk bed itself. In case of any doubts at all, you are provided with an online support facility as well as a toll free number that you can dial if you are unsure about something or have questions.

What on earth are Electron Microscopes?

What on earth are Electron Microscopes?

Electron microscopes use “dancing” electrons rather than light to illuminate an object or sample. First developed in 1931 in Germany for laboratory use, it was not until 1965 that electron microscopes were available commercially. The first electron microscopes were produced by RCA.

So what kinds of things can you see with electron microscopes? Electron microscopes can reveal the following information.

  1. 1. Topography-What does the surface of the object or sample look like? Is it smooth? Rough? Hairy? Hard or soft?
  2. Morphology-What are the shapes of the particles that make up the sample? Are they round, oval, square, triangle, or hexagonal? Is it made of strong or weak particles?
  3. Composition-What elements or compounds is the object made of? Does it have oxygen or hydrogen in it? What is its’ melting point or freezing point?
  4. Crystallographic Information-What does the arrangement of the atoms look like? What are its properties?

Electron microscopes are capable of magnifying an object or sample up to one million times. This magnification allows scientists to use the electron microscopes to distinguish individual molecules.

How do electron microscopes work?

Electron microscopes work in the same way as lighted microscopes except that instead of light, electrons “dance” across an object or sample and illuminate it.

Due to this beam’s strength, fine detail can be seen including variations in its surface and what it is composed of. A vacuum is used to speed up the electrons until their wave-length is shorter than that of white light. The shorter wave-length allows higher resolution which results in fine detail.

These “dancing” electrons are then focused upon the object or sample and they form an image on the photographic plate. Although electron microscopes are quite advanced, one of the drawbacks to their use is that it cannot show movements that occur in living cells because of the high vacuum that is necessary to cause the electrons to pass across the sample.

There are two different kinds of electron microscopes.

  • The Transmission Electron Microscopes or TEM’s create an image by passing electrons through the object or sample.
  • The Scanning Electron Microscopes or SEM’s give more of a 3D look of an object or sample and the magnification is shown on a television screen which gives more depth detail.

To impress your friends with your knowledge of electron microscopes you need to learn just a few things.

First, electron microscopes use beams of electrons to illuminate an object or sample rather than light. Secondly, electron microscopes can magnify an object or sample up to one million times which shows great detail. And lastly, electron microscopes are used by scientists, engineers and many others.