Snorerx: Snoring Mouthpiece Review

SnoreRx Reviews

There are few things that can ruin a good night’s sleep more than snoring. This affects not only for the snorer, but the person unfortunate enough to be sleeping beside then. While there are numerous products available that claim to stop snoring, many people find they are ineffective.

Surgery is also an alternative, but it can be dangerous and is not guaranteed to work. There is another option that is FDA approved and has users declaring their gratitude all over the internet. What is this product that has revolutionized the way snorers and their partners sleep? It is called Snorerx.

How does it works ?

What is Snorerx and how is it used? It is a device, resembling a retainer that is custom fitted to the wearer. It is placed in the mouth before falling sleeping and works to keep the tongue off the back of the mouth, often referred to as mandibular repositioning.

In order to do this it gently pushes the lower jaw forward opening the airway through the throat. This, in turn, prevents any vibrations of the tongue, soft palate, and other tissues as air passes through the mouth. As a result snoring is substantially, if not completely, eliminated. It is formed from a plastic mold and then is shaped to fit your mouth.

The wearer is able to adjust it as needed. Users report that within a couple of days of utilizing it for the first time, you no longer realize it is there.

How is Snorerx different from the numerous other products on the market that claim to stop snoring?

· The most noticeable difference is in the design. While many products feature screws, rods, rubber bands, and springs, Snorerx does not resulting in a more comfortable fit.
· It is discreet while many other products are very noticeable.
· Snorerx lasts a significantly longer 12 to 15 months as opposed to the short 3 to 4 months lifespan of similar products.
· Unlike many other products it can be adjusted by the wearer at any time.
· It is the ONLY product on the market that meets Medicare’s OAOAS recommendations regarding design.

Where can I purchase Snorerx and how much does it cost?

It is offered at and retails for $99. The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. Please be aware that there are products that claim they are similar to Snorerx that sell for a cheaper price. However, they do not compare to the original Snorerx.


What do users say about Snorerx?

The following comments were made by users of Snorerx.

“It is working very well. The best purchase I have made in a long time.”
“It worked right away! My wife and I now share a bedroom again for the first time in years.”
“I am satisfied with the product.”
“I now wake up feeling rested and ready to start the day.”
“It’s lovely not to be waking up everyone in the house at night and get a better night’s sleep.”

Is Snorerx the right choice for you?

The majority of users report that they are extremely satisfied with the results and most likely you will as well. You will never know until you try it how well it will work for you. Remember there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason so there is nothing to lose.

Snorerx is considered one of, if not the, best choice on the market to stop snoring.Imagine waking rested and full of energy after sleeping through the night. Snorerx gives you the ability to experience this great feeling without spending tons of money, wearing uncomfortable headgear to bed, or having a painful surgery. Order one today and see how well it works for you.