Adderall side effects

What are the Side Effects of Adderall in Adults

Adderall side effects may range from less severe to more severe in adults. In some cases, adderall can be easily ignored and viewed as an unavoidable part of the medication. However, there are cases when the intake of Adderall must be stopped or changed due to side effects that could prove dangerous health wise, if not deadly. This article will divide the symptoms based on their severity.

Less Severe Side Effects of Adderall in Adults

Side Effects of Adderall

Watch out! Adderall has side effects

Following are common side effects which aren’t considered to be severe and may sometimes be addressed by the physician.

  • Insomnia – this is possibly the most common Adderral side effects in adults, mainly because the drug is supposed to keep a person stimulated. If patients take too much or too soon, this stimulation would extend up until bedtime. To solve this problem, patients can refer to their physician to change the dosage or the schedule of the medication intake.

  • Loss of Appetite – adults have actually abused this side effect of Adderall, ultimately using it as a weight loss drug. Although this may be effective at first, this could be dangerous long term; especially so if the weight loss is accompanied by diarrhea, depriving the body of much needed water and nutrition’s.

  • Nausea – anther common and fairly mild condition, patients might find themselves wanting to throw up or even really throwing up while using the drug.

  • Vision Problems – any problems with the vision whether it’s blurry or doubled must be considered a side effect. In some cases, a dilated pupil is also a sign.

  • Decreased Libido – now for some, this may be considered a severe side effect. Basically though, the intake of Adderall could make it harder for adults to reach orgasm. This side effect holds true for both men and women.adderall side effects

Severe Side Effects of Adderall in Adults

Anyone who experiences the following side effects when taking Adderall should inform their physician right away.

  • Allergic Reaction – characterized by the formation of hives, red spots, rashes and difficulty breathing, allergic reaction to Adderall is rare but not impossible. Cases like this may quickly escalate if the patient is not given medical attention ASAP.

  • Heart Attack – Heart attacks should always be taken seriously regardless of their trigger. If patients notice any abnormal chest pain or irregular heart rhythm after taking Adderall, chances are the drug is having an adverse effect on their cardiovascular system. Contact a doctor immediately to at least prevent this from escalating to a full blown heart attack.

  • Hallucinations – the drug may also have drawbacks on the mental capacity of the individual. Aside from causing them to be more irritable than usual, the medication can also lead to hallucinations or confusion. If this is the case, the patient must be taken to a doctor quickly to make sure that the problem is dealt with.

Of course, those aren’t the only possible Adderral side effects in adults. Different individuals react to the drug differently which means that patients will need to observe physical and psychological changes in themselves when taking the drugs. To play it safe, always consult the doctor if there are any doubts or if you also need the best adderall alternative for a better experience!