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Posturegenics is the art of effortless harmonious balance to gravity. Gravity defines our physical experience. We always have to respond to Gravity, that universal ubiquitous force.

“Posture” is ‘body position or stance’ and ‘the way the body is carried’. “Genics” is ‘in relation to’. Thus, enoughwork is the relation of the way the body is carried, it’s positon or stance relative to gravity. We can’t control gravity, but we can control our response to it.


Your body contains various muscles, tendons, and ligaments that work together to keep you standing erect. A certain group of muscles in your abdominal area are typically called your ‘core’ muscles.

When those core muscles are combined with both the upper and lower back muscles and shoulders, it literally forms the structure by which proper posture is created.

All of these key muscles must be engaged in order to properly stand erect with very little effort.

What happens over time to many people is that their muscles are essentially less active, and as a result become weaker. Therefore, standing erect and displaying good posture then becomes harder, and typically results in constant poor posture.

However, this does not necessarily mean you must accept this chronic condition. In fact, besides having to endure surgery or visiting expensive chiropractors, there are other strategies available to help remedy the situation. This is where the best prostate massagers come into play.

How a Quality Posture Corrector Can Help Your Back

Due to their line of work, many people must spend hours sitting in front of a computer screen every day. Therefore, the need for a posture corrector becomes even more necessary.

If you are experiencing any pain in your shoulders and neck, or notice you are constantly slouching or humping over when you walk or stand, chances are you are in dire need of a back brace for posture support.

A good posture corrector can help poor posture and strengthen the core muscles by using a back brace for support.

Posture correctors are usually designed as harnesses but come in many designs. The simplest posture corrector consists of an elastic strap whose ends can be fastened in the front.

The best posture correctors also use a velcro fastener which is elastic and can be adjusted. This sort of brace keeps reminding the wearer to hold their back upright.

For assistance with lower back pain an extra supportive posture corrector is needed which consists of a belt. As some belts can ride up or down the waist, shoulder straps can hold the belt in position.

A corset style posture corrector is a favorite with women and can be worn under garments, but be careful if it restricts blood flow by being too tight.

Posture Correctors come in many forms:

  1. Posture Bras
  2. Posture Correctors (posture braces)
  3. Lumbar Support Pillows
  4. Office support chairs
  5. Specific exercise equipment eg. Stability ball

What to Look for in a Quality Posture Corrector

A posture corrector needs to be comfortable enough to wear on a regular basis – preferably every day.

Anyone using a brace in order to correct their posture is literally retraining their muscle groups and generating strong muscle memory that will enable them to sustain good posture with hardly any effort or thought of doing so.

Therefore, the device needs to be fairly comfortable and easy to put on and take off as well.

Another problem that some people have wearing back braces for posture is that they can be very restrictive. The brace limits their range of motion and becomes more restraining than it is helpful.

So, it’s important to be sure it’s comfortable and actually fits.

Features of a good Posture Corrector

There are certain key features relative to a posture corrector that will determine its effectiveness including:

  •  Easy to put on and take off
  •  Comfortable enough to wear every day
  • Can easily be worn either over or beneath clothing
  • Non-restrictive in any way

Some back braces only require an individual to wear them a mere 10 – 30 minutes a day in order to be effective. These are generally the most helpful and offer the greatest chance of successfully correcting poor posture.

There are several reasons to correct poor posture, the least of which is your appearance. Walking upright with your shoulders squared conveys confidence and makes you feel better.

Good posture is also is the key to maintaining a youthful body and regaining good posture should be the goal of any who wants to slow the effects of ageing.

Your posture is a reflection of the life you have lived and the lifestyle you keep. Poor posture will lead to back pain and injury later in life, as it will degrade the stability of your spinal muscles over time.

We do however recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor. Posture correctors can be prescribed by physical therapists as well as buying online (see comparison guide).

A lot of the posture correctors we have highlighted also work best when used in conjunction with a good exercise plan. Exercising the core muscles (hip, groin, stomach and lower back muscles) are important as they are responsible for supporting the spine.

Ready to start correcting your posture?

The Body-Aline is a posture corrector that was ingeniously designed to target and correct all the affected muscles you’ve read about on this website.
This posture corrector machine is amazing because it strengthens the weakened Trapezius muscle while at the same time safely stretches the Pectoralis muscle groups.

Caterpillar Women's Jace Waterproof Work Boot Steel Toe - P90562

The posture bra is specifically conceived to facilitate the reinforcement of an accurate back posture and shoulder alignment. They usually will include  specialized elastic bands who’s role it is to allow for additional support to the region of the upper back.


A posture corrective brace is designed to correct your posture and reinstate a better stature in order to relieve back pain, hunching and slouching. They are growing in popularity as more people realize how important to your health good posture is.

Choosing the best posture corrector

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Why do you need one?[/wpsm_numbox]

Determine why you need a brace and for what section of the back. This is important because there are many different types of braces and you will need to choose one that can help you with your problem.

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How easy can you get it on & off[/wpsm_numbox]

Think about comfort. While changing your posture will entail some discomfort at some points in time, the actual brace shouldn’t rub or be too tight. A brace made of latex can be hot and uncomfortable.

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Yes. Trust me. It matters[/wpsm_numbox]

You won’t be able to wear all braces with every type of clothing, especially thin or revealing pieces. In reality, this shouldn’t be a problem if you avoid situations where you will be wearing such types of clothing.

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