Are backpack vacuums the right for you?

Are backpack vacuums the right for you?

Not all of us love vacuuming.  This is because vacuuming is a task that we need to do almost every day.  There are many tasks that are involved during vacuuming. You would have to move furniture, get the necessary attachment. You also need lots of space to make sure that you can move easily with the vacuum and ensure that you do not get to knock anything down.

What is the complexity of vacuuming and does it work?

If at all you have a carpet in your apartment, you must have an idea of how hard the task of vacuuming can get.  You can choose best shark upright vacuum cleaner to do just the right job for you.  They do a great job on floors but are however much difficult to move over the floor or any part that you are washing.  The handles of the large canister vacuums are also placed at the wrong height. This then leads to strain of the back.

The canister vacuum can be quite a nuisance. After cleaning one part of the room, you would have to drag the vacuum manually to the other location. This is a problem well solved by backpack vacuums.  Canister vacuums also catch other things in the room. They also need to be dragged alongside the hose.  If you have ever dragged a rock on leash, this is close to that scenario.

Even when you are using a backpack vacuum, you would still get the much problem that is associated with the canister vacuums.  You would still need to connect the hose to another machine probably on the floor.  For the canister vacuums, there is limited mobility. You need to stop working anytime you need to move from one working location to another.  There is however a solution to these problems nowadays.

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Why not get the huge machine off your path?

The best solution to the problems that are associated with the use of canister vacuums is the adoption of backpack vacuums.  For this kind of vacuum, you only need to place the vacuum on your back. They come with properly cushioned shoulder straps. This ensures that there is less strain to the shoulder muscles and the back as well.   They also allow you to conveniently operate the attachments and move your hands freely.

Maneuvering is one of the factors that make the backpack vacuum most common today.  In this case the machine moves with you and therefore you get to clean a larger area using less effort.  There is no much difference between a backpack vacuum and a canister vacuum. The only difference is the inclusion of shoulder straps on the back pack vacuum.  There is the inclusion of a hose that connects the wand with the vacuum. This is then used to conveniently do the cleaning job.  The power cord would ideally extend from the back of the vacuum to the socket on the wall.

This means that for the case of backpack vacuums, the cord is the only attachment that you would have to worry about.

Making the load much lighter with backpack vacuum

Backpacks are ideally lightweight and that is for a good course.  There have been a couple of researches conducted and they have shown that carrying vacuums that weigh more than13 pounds may have negative heath effects in the body.  Heavier loads impair breathing and therefore cause much fatigue.  In any case if you carry the load high on your back or closer to the body, it tends to be much lighter.  The back pack vacuums make use of this advantage and thus are deemed much fit for use by humans.

 You need to make your vacuuming much easier

There are10 ways in which backpack vacuums make cleaning in your house much easy and convenient. These are;

  1. They easily reach the most high spots easily
  2. You can easily clean floor edges and baseboards as well
  3. It is also easy to reach the tightest of places especially in furniture
  4. If you are doing cleaning on your staircase, it might be much cheaper using the back pack vacuums
  5. Ordinary vacuums cannot clean beneath cabinets and therefore a backpack vacuum would do you much good.
  6. If at all you are cleaning smaller rooms, you can do that more conveniently without any need to move furniture
  7. If you need t o clean faster, the backpack vacuums would allow you to do just that
  8. With the best back pack you can conveniently reach and get behind large unmovable furniture
  9. Most of the vacuums come with the HEPA filter system that helps to reduce allergens
  10. If you need to clean a larger area without worrying about getting worn out, there is the right solution with the back packs.

If at all you need to purchase a new backpack vacuum, there are certain aspects that you need to look out for. You need to look at the weight, sound and the design. The right choice of the vacuum would ideally be the one that properly fits the body and also comes with padded and adjustable shoulder straps. Noise increases fatigue. You need to therefore look for a motor which has a much quiet motor.