Laptop DJ

A laptop DJ works the same as a DJ but he mainly does his job with laptops and software. If you are interested to be one, you can do it all by yourself.

All you need is to get yourself a decent laptop plus some dj software you can freely download for the internet. It is much better if you buy software because it will be worth your money and you will be able to use it for a long time.

Some programs downloaded from the internet are usually trials so they’re just good for you to try out and they expire usually within a month. Choose which one you like best and then go buy the whole product.

After getting the software you like most, the next thing to do is fill your laptop storage with a wide array of stock music varying in genres. Find good ones especially hit records which the crowd will always dance into.

A good laptop DJ knows when to play the right songs at the right time and venue. Familiarize yourself with the latest top songs and artists who always hit the charts. Try to specialize in a particular genre but you should also have an open mind to play music that is out of your interest.

Be versatile and know the songs that will most likely be liked by your crowd or listeners.

The next important skill you need to level up is the way of how you play the music. Play them the right way by always cross fading. It is not nice to cut off a song then follow it by another one.

Play the same genre of music consecutively. Another thing you must keep in mind is that you must avoid sudden silence. Do it right when you beat mix songs.

Play songs of the same genre so they sound good together. Remember that if you want to be an awesome laptop DJ, you must go on and keep practicing that mixing moves.

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