What are the Side Effects of Adderall in Adults

What are the Side Effects of Adderall in Adults

Adderall side effects may range from less severe to more severe in adults. In some cases, adderall can be easily ignored and viewed as an unavoidable part of the medication. However, there are cases when the intake of Adderall must be stopped or changed due to side effects that could prove dangerous health wise, if not deadly. This article will divide the symptoms based on their severity.

Less Severe Side Effects of Adderall in Adults

Side Effects of Adderall

Watch out! Adderall has side effects

Following are common side effects which aren’t considered to be severe and may sometimes be addressed by the physician.

  • Insomnia – this is possibly the most common Adderral side effects in adults, mainly because the drug is supposed to keep a person stimulated. If patients take too much or too soon, this stimulation would extend up until bedtime. To solve this problem, patients can refer to their physician to change the dosage or the schedule of the medication intake.

  • Loss of Appetite – adults have actually abused this side effect of Adderall, ultimately using it as a weight loss drug. Although this may be effective at first, this could be dangerous long term; especially so if the weight loss is accompanied by diarrhea, depriving the body of much needed water and nutrition’s.

  • Nausea – anther common and fairly mild condition, patients might find themselves wanting to throw up or even really throwing up while using the drug.

  • Vision Problems – any problems with the vision whether it’s blurry or doubled must be considered a side effect. In some cases, a dilated pupil is also a sign.

  • Decreased Libido – now for some, this may be considered a severe side effect. Basically though, the intake of Adderall could make it harder for adults to reach orgasm. This side effect holds true for both men and women.adderall side effects

Severe Side Effects of Adderall in Adults

Anyone who experiences the following side effects when taking Adderall should inform their physician right away.

  • Allergic Reaction – characterized by the formation of hives, red spots, rashes and difficulty breathing, allergic reaction to Adderall is rare but not impossible. Cases like this may quickly escalate if the patient is not given medical attention ASAP.

  • Heart Attack – Heart attacks should always be taken seriously regardless of their trigger. If patients notice any abnormal chest pain or irregular heart rhythm after taking Adderall, chances are the drug is having an adverse effect on their cardiovascular system. Contact a doctor immediately to at least prevent this from escalating to a full blown heart attack.

  • Hallucinations – the drug may also have drawbacks on the mental capacity of the individual. Aside from causing them to be more irritable than usual, the medication can also lead to hallucinations or confusion. If this is the case, the patient must be taken to a doctor quickly to make sure that the problem is dealt with.

Of course, those aren’t the only possible Adderral side effects in adults. Different individuals react to the drug differently which means that patients will need to observe physical and psychological changes in themselves when taking the drugs. To play it safe, always consult the doctor if there are any doubts or if you also need the best adderall alternative for a better experience!

Best Relaxation Techniques for Back Pain Sufferers- Ultimate Guide

Best Relaxation Techniques for Back Pain Sufferers- Ultimate Guide

Total rest by using the 90/90 position

I heard about the 90/90 position very soon after I hurt my back. It allows the back muscles to relax and often works when all other positions fail.

It is a very basic idea – to lie on your back with your legs on top of a footstool, chair, or other surface so that your hips and knees are bent at 90 degrees (right angles). They even make chairs these days that allow you to recline in this position (for instance they carry them in the Backsaver catalog). This position can be a godsend – in fact I studied this way through law school and even listened to lectures this way in class (a few people thought I was strange – oh well).

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Mind body Techniques – meditation, biofeedback, and Chi Kung

There is a whole world of mind body techniques that may be helpful for reducing pain. I will cover some of these in the movement section, but here I will mention a few that are more meditative in nature.

a) The simplest of these may be just taking a deep breath. Often I find that if I take a deep abdominal breath and exhale slowly, I can feel some of the tension drain out of my muscles.

The nice thing about this is you can do it anywhere and anytime. Try it at a stoplight when driving, and visualize the tension draining out of you as you exhale.

b) There are a number of muscle relaxation techniques I have learned over the years. At the pain clinic I went to they gave me some tapes for relaxation.

One was a progressive relaxation tape where you tense and then release your muscles. In another technique you imagine your arms and legs becoming progressively heavier and warmer to relax your body.

Yet another tape concentrates on your breath by having you inhale and exhale to a drumbeat. I usually get so relaxed using this tape that I fall asleep. I’ve listed the tapes that I enjoyed in the Resources section.

c) Biofeedback is a high tech way of learning how to relax your muscles. I did some training at the Pain Clinic and they also gave me a self tester I could take home to train with (it told me when my skin temperature was higher which indicated a higher degree of relaxation).

It worked pretty well and did give me some insight into how to relax different parts of my body independently. I would advise you to find an experienced practitioner to help you learn this, at least initially, before investing in any equipment for you to use on your own.

d) More advanced methods of mind body training are found in Yoga and in the chinese equivalent Chi Kung. Both of these methods concentrate on using breath and visualization in a very advanced manner.

I have concentrated mainly on Chi Kung, and I really love it. One of the most basic parts of the Chi Kung technique is relaxed, abdominal breathing (a.k.a. belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing). I find that breathing in this way allows my shoulders and neck to relax a bit, although I often find myself reverting back to chest breathing which brings back the tightness. This type of breathing is also beneficial in that it brings in a lot more oxygen to your system.

Chi Kung teachers believe that breathing in this way is natural and very beneficial to your whole body. In their belief, you are healthiest when you are a baby and if you watch babies, they breathe with their belly. By breathing in this manner, they believe you can bring back some of the softness you had when you were younger and thereby the good health.

Does it work?

I can’t say it has reversed my aging, but I have found that I feel better and more relaxed when I breathe in this manner.

While there are good books on these techniques, I really recommend learning from a good teacher. How can you find a good teacher?

This can be very difficult. Asking family or friends for their recommendations is often useful. But always try to sit in on a class first to see how a teacher conducts classes and whether they would be open to working with you to modify their techniques to fit around your back problem.

I really only learned Yoga with an instructor, so I don’t have any particular books or tapes to recommend. I did like those Yoga techniques, though, that worked with props better since they accommodated my back limitations more easily. The movement aspects of these will be discussed in more detail in the movement section of these Survival Techniques.

Movement Therapy Options For Back Pain Relief

What do I mean by movement therapies? I am talking about a very broad category of therapies which help you learn to move more efficiently and pain free as well as get those stuck parts moving again.

While most back pain sufferers have gone through physical therapy, here we will talk about some lesser known, although very powerful, techniques for getting you back in action.

  1. Feldenkrais
  2. Pilates


Boy do I love Feldenkrais! It is a gentle movement therapy that somehow magically works to increase flexibility and movement where more physically intensive stretching fails.

Feldenkrais requires patience since the movements are slow and require attention. The idea is that the movements actually help your nervous system to learn how to relax the muscles and let you move as you naturally should.

The results are very interesting – when I was totally spasmed, Feldenkrais was the only thing that would get the long muscles in my back to relax.

Since I have been recommending Feldenkrais, I have found lots of people just really enjoy sleeping on the best mattress for back pain. I got my mother to try a class, and soon all her friends were going and loving it. Find a good instructor and give it a try.


If you ever get a chance to see a picture of Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, at age 75, you will understand why Pilates has become one of the hottest workout trends in the country.

Lets put it this way, no one was kicking sand in his face. He invented a whole raft of specialized pieces of equipment, chief among them – the Reformer, that let you work out in very unique and effective ways.

Pilates movements are like Ballet on a machine, which uses springs as resistance. For years it was the secret training technique for the Ballet world, but now, thanks in part to Hollywood’s interest and lots of P.R., it is exploding.

It is really a unique and demanding workout that I just loved.

Finding a good penis stretcher is vital – some of the movements can be scary and they are only safe for back patients when done with an experienced instructor. I have seen Reformers for sale in specialty catalogues with instruction tapes. I would urge you not to consider buying the equipment and learning on your own – it would be almost suicidal for a back patient to try some of these moves without as expert’s assistance.

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Guide: Which One Should you Use?

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Guide: Which One Should you Use?

A Stop Snoring Mouthpiece can be exactly what you need in order to resolve sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can make it quite difficult to rest and get a good night’s sleep. It is the disorder or condition that occurs where one or more shallow breaths or pauses in breathing occur.

Breathing pauses can occur numerously and lead to a breathing disorder when you are sleeping.    This creates a very difficult choking sound when you try to breathe. It is thus difficult to breathe, air cannot pass through, and sleeping can be difficult.

As a result of this, someone who has trouble snoring may have sleep apnea and wake up throughout the night. A full night’s rest may not be possible. Imaging having to wake up every few minutes and not feel well rested and thus very tired when it is time to wake up.

Snoring can get very load and disturb family members. This can lead to constantly waking up at night, headaches, dry throat, and a poor night’s rest. A solution to this a stop snoring mouthpiece or sleep apnea mouthpiece. An anti snore device sleep apnea cessation aid may be the answer. One of these is made by Snorerx.This allows you to mold the piece correctly on your mouth. Results are instantaneous for this sleep apnea mouthpiece.  This is a cheap and effective way to stop snoring.

Preventing sleep apnea is critical to waking up fresh then next morning.  Stop snoring today with a stop snoring mouthpiece. Sleep-ex works on over 95% of snoring sufferers.   This is recommended by dentists and doctors and is molded for a very comfortable fit. Air circulation is included by means of a well placed opening on the mouthpiece. The stop snoring mouthpiece holds the jaw and opens airways for maximum airflow.   The tongue is allows to comfortably be positioned forward, increasing airflow and providing for a good’s night sleep.

Snoring Pillow

Another popular method to prevent snoring is the use of an anti snoring pillow. A stop snoring pillow can be really beneficial for getting a good night sleep. Snoring is a big problem across the country. Snoring can lead to sleep apnea, difficult breathing, and a feeling of tiredness upon waking up. Snoring can also lead to a person to wake up numerous times throughout the night.

Snoring can be loud. It can be numerous and it can lead to a poor night’s rest.   Due to pauses in breathing, air cannot pass through normally through a person’s lungs and mouth. Without a proper airflow, snoring can occur. A stop snoring pillow can prevent this.

How can an anti snoring pillow help you to stop snoring?

The pillow cradles your neck and head. This is done through a built in support system within the pillow. This allows you to keep your chin out and your airway more open. Because of the way the pillow is designed, no extra sleeves or straps are needed.

You are free to relax and sleep the way you wish – your sleeping style is up to you and snoring will be prevented. You can sleep on your back or on your side and it will still work. The pillow is washable and can fit into a standard pillow case. It can be reused each night again and again.

Loud snoring does not have to be a problem. In fact, no snoring has to be a problem. A nice quiet night can be accomplished through the use of an anti snoring pillow.

This will allow you to get a restful night, feel refreshed in the morning, not tired, and ready to start your day. I would recommend an anti snoring pillow to anyone suffering from sleep apnea and for those wishing to improve their quality of rest.

Stop Snoring Spray

Yet another effective snoring aid, a Stop Snoring Spray is a common method that people use to prevent snoring at night when sleeping. Snoring can be very difficult and can lead to sleep apnea and constantly waking up in the middle of the night. A poor rest can lead to tiredness and fatigue throughout the day, not allowing you to perform work or other functions at your max potential.

A stop snoring spray fights to overcome snoring.  The anti snoring spray is usually applied to the throat area on a person suffering from snoring.  The spray usually contains a variety of ingredients that allow for the correct airflow to pass through the lungs and out the body.  Common ingredients include glycerin, menthol, and peppermint oil.

As far as where can you find your own spray, they can usually purchased at local pharmacies and are commonly sold over the counter.  The spray should be used as directed and should not interfere with other medicines.  Allergic reactions are rate but be sure to check with your doctor if this may occur as with any medicine.  By usage of the prevent snoring spray, the tonsils and throat are lubricated, reducing the tissue size of these areas.  By doing this, vibrations are minimized and snoring is stopped.

As with any product, be sure to check its ingredients before purchasing and using. Sleeping on your side can also reduce snoring when taking a spray. Losing weight and lowering alcohol consumption are other methods to help eliminate snoring a more natural way. When combined with a stop snoring spray, results are said to be very good.


Snorerx: Snoring Mouthpiece Review

SnoreRx Reviews

There are few things that can ruin a good night’s sleep more than snoring. This affects not only for the snorer, but the person unfortunate enough to be sleeping beside then. While there are numerous products available that claim to stop snoring, many people find they are ineffective.

Surgery is also an alternative, but it can be dangerous and is not guaranteed to work. There is another option that is FDA approved and has users declaring their gratitude all over the internet. What is this product that has revolutionized the way snorers and their partners sleep? It is called Snorerx.

How does it works ?

What is Snorerx and how is it used? It is a device, resembling a retainer that is custom fitted to the wearer. It is placed in the mouth before falling sleeping and works to keep the tongue off the back of the mouth, often referred to as mandibular repositioning.

In order to do this it gently pushes the lower jaw forward opening the airway through the throat. This, in turn, prevents any vibrations of the tongue, soft palate, and other tissues as air passes through the mouth. As a result snoring is substantially, if not completely, eliminated. It is formed from a plastic mold and then is shaped to fit your mouth.

The wearer is able to adjust it as needed. Users report that within a couple of days of utilizing it for the first time, you no longer realize it is there.

How is Snorerx different from the numerous other products on the market that claim to stop snoring?

· The most noticeable difference is in the design. While many products feature screws, rods, rubber bands, and springs, Snorerx does not resulting in a more comfortable fit.
· It is discreet while many other products are very noticeable.
· Snorerx lasts a significantly longer 12 to 15 months as opposed to the short 3 to 4 months lifespan of similar products.
· Unlike many other products it can be adjusted by the wearer at any time.
· It is the ONLY product on the market that meets Medicare’s OAOAS recommendations regarding design.

Where can I purchase Snorerx and how much does it cost?

It is offered at www.snorerx.com and retails for $99. The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. Please be aware that there are products that claim they are similar to Snorerx that sell for a cheaper price. However, they do not compare to the original Snorerx.


What do users say about Snorerx?

The following comments were made by users of Snorerx.

“It is working very well. The best purchase I have made in a long time.”
“It worked right away! My wife and I now share a bedroom again for the first time in years.”
“I am satisfied with the product.”
“I now wake up feeling rested and ready to start the day.”
“It’s lovely not to be waking up everyone in the house at night and get a better night’s sleep.”

Is Snorerx the right choice for you?

The majority of users report that they are extremely satisfied with the results and most likely you will as well. You will never know until you try it how well it will work for you. Remember there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason so there is nothing to lose.

Snorerx is considered one of, if not the, best choice on the market to stop snoring.Imagine waking rested and full of energy after sleeping through the night. Snorerx gives you the ability to experience this great feeling without spending tons of money, wearing uncomfortable headgear to bed, or having a painful surgery. Order one today and see how well it works for you.

Say Goodbye to Snoring with the Anti Snoring Chinstrap

Say Goodbye to Snoring with the Anti Snoring Chinstrap

Who Are You Keeping Awake At Night?

It is evening and you are feeling mellow. You turn out the lights and slide between the cool, crisp sheets on your bed. Your spouse slides into their space, goodnight hug and the lights go out. Just as you reach that relaxed, comfortable place before dreamland, the sound of a nearby chainsaw rattles you from your rest. As you return to an alert state, you realize it isn’t a chainsaw, it is the sound of horrendous snoring coming from the other side of the bed. Will a pillow over your head help? Probably not.

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There is a physiology associated with mouth snoring. As you fall into your deep sleep, all of the muscles in your body relax completely. The muscles of the mouth and tongue are also relaxed. It is similar to a state of paralysis. Your soft relaxed tongue can flop back and block your airway. As the airway gets blocked, the snoring begins.

Can A Snoring Chin Strap Help?

snoring chin strap may be needed to enable you to get a good night’s sleep. Anti-snoring chin straps come in several different styles and none are suitable attire for use outside the bedroom. Be prepared for a stifled chuckle the first time you or your mate put one on. The real smile comes with the silence that ensues when the light goes out.

When chin straps first appeared on the market, many people considered them just another expensive gimmick for snoring. When consumers learned that it was simple and very effective to use, it has become one of the more popular devices for the relief of mouth snoring. It is so effective that some sleep study clinics and hospitals use them.

Most snoring is mouth snoring. With this in mind, it stands to reason that something that keeps your mouth shut, will stop the snore. Have you ever reached across the bed and pushed your mates jaw shut in an effort to stop the noise? Unfortunately, it is not easy to lie there holding that jaw shut.

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When you think back to years gone by, you may recall chin straps that were supposedly used for women to reduce the risk of a double chin.

You have to ask yourself if there was not a hidden meaning to those straps. Women snore too. It is not just the man in the house that keeps the windows rattling. Women snore too. They are probably less likely to admit it, so for “cosmetic” purposes, they wore chin straps. They may well have been stop snoring chin straps.

Where Can You Get A Snoring Chin Strap?

There are a variety of stop snoring chin straps available both online and in stores everywhere. Prices will range from a few dollars to $100. It depends on how gullible you are and how desperate you are to stop snoring. The majority of them are made of fabric with Velcro closing. The fabric and be spandex or other type of stretch fabric and they are not attractive at all. However, stop snoring chin straps do work.

There are also stop snoring chin straps that were originally intended for medical use after jaw surgery. What was noticeable was that people did not snore when the straps were in place.

Some of the less expensive spandex and Velcro stop snoring chin straps wear our fairly quickly. Chances are that you will have to replace them more frequently than the costlier ones. The consumer must decide if they want to spend a little or a lot on something that works but is not the most attractive garment in their wardrobe. It may be a good idea to start with the less expensive and switch to the more expensive ones when they have proven their worth.

Often weight loss can be the cause of mouth snoring. It may be a consideration to lose some weight and use the less expensive stop snoring chin strap while the weight loss is in progress. They work quickly, if they are going to work and the results can be remarkable. You may be scheduled for some surgery to stop the snoring and the strap can work until you have your surgery.

There are also mouth guards that are available for the same purpose. There are people that cannot tolerate the mouth guard and will handle the use of a stop snoring chin strap more easily.