Does Worx Trivac Really Work?

The WORX Trivac WG500 is a very popular blower mulcher vacuum all in one unit – thanks to the regular advertisements on TV. This unit has been a bestseller for quite some time now. Users of this machine swear by its efficiency and are marveled by its ease of use. I was able to use …

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Best Leaf Blower for Large Yard

Leaf blowers are a must have tool for every modern household that has a large yard and wants to keep it in proper shape during fall, when leafs are falling everyday.  Some might not agree, but trust me, Doing the work the old way, with a rake, ain’t pleasant at all, I know I had …

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Best Backpack Leaf Blower For the Money: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best backpack leaf blower

Backpack leaf blowers are essential power tools in cleaning outdoor facilities such as gardens, home front-yards, backyards, sports facilities, and almost any place with wide expanse. These machines produce high pressured air from their powerful fans and pushing it out of nozzles via a tube.  Backpack leaf blowers can help you pile debris in less …

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