Best Rain Showerhead | Rainfall Showerhead Reviews (2021)

best rain shower head

One of the most calming things you can ever have in an evening after a long tiresome day is a shower.  It goes without saying that a shower is one thing that most people look forward to as they rush from office, trying to beat traffic. A good shower relieves you of all the day’s …

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Best Fogless Shower Mirror Review

best fogless shower mirror

It’s easy to tell your boss that you got stuck in traffic hence arrived late, or tell him that you had an emergency which needed your immediate attention hence your coming to job late. But imagine a time spent in the shower, not because the experience was so awesome that you forgot to come out …

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Best Dual Showerhead: Reviews and Buying Guide

best dual shower heads

Showers, especially hot, long and steaming are one of life’s greatest pleasures. A good shower, is music to the heart! Without the best dual shower head system, each and every time you take a bath feels leaves you feeling empty. An increasing number of newly constructed homes now sport dual shower heads. This is a great …

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Child Size Shower Head Reviews: A Guide to Finding the Best Shower Head for Your Children

Best Kids Shower Head

If you want your kid to do something, make them want to do it. The same applies to showering. Showering can be really fun for kids, or outright scary, depends on how it is presented to them. How do you make kids want to shower? You do the following; Supervise them. If your kid is …

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Best Baby Bath Tubs

best baby bathtubs

While an adult can have a schedule on when they will bathe, a baby’s bathe is some other different business. They can be messy, and you do not know when they will blow out, spit up, puke and do other stuff that will definitely call for a bathe.  Remember the baby doesn’t have the strength …

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Best Steam Shower Generator

best shower generator

One of the best, vital and most luxurious accessory to have in your bathroom is a steam shower generator. A steam shower generator is a device that generates large amounts of hot steam when you’re bathing. It is designed to look and work exactly like the usual showers, only that they produce steam. It is …

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Best Shower Panel System Reviews

What is the latest invention on the bathroom department that will make even the fanciest rain shower head look like a thing from the past? In case you haven’t heard, it’s one of these best shower panels. Its cutting edge design will definitely make your shower feel like a compartment on NASA spaceship. But more than …

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Best Drain Cleaner for Hair Clogs

best drain cleaner for hair clogs

You might be wondering, what is the best drain cleaner for hair clogs. To be frank, hair clogs can be stubborn, making any endeavor to remove them using conventional liquid  and enzyme based cleaners futile. But do not worry, there are many ways of removing those hair clogs without having to break the bank. As …

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Best Bathroom Faucets: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever asked yourself the importance of installing the right bathroom faucet? Do you have any challenge of choosing the right faucet for your bathroom? DON’T struggle in looking for the perfect bathroom faucet on your own. This review has all the relevant information that may guide you through the buying to installation of ...

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Best Shower Water Filter: Reviews and Buying Guide

best shower water filter

Why do you need to buy the best shower water filters? Almost all cities use chlorine to treat their water supply. While this is useful for reducing bacteria in the water, much chlorine remains in the water piped into your home. Recent research show that in the steamy environment of a shower, this chlorine may …

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