Sports tutor tennis ball machine reviews

Sports Tutor makes an array of tennis ball machines that cater to different kinds of players, from kids and  beginners’ right through to club and professional players. Also included are the machines produced by sports tutor. Here are the machines produced by Sports Tutor:

Tennis Twist

Since it is the smallest, lightest and cheapest tennis ball machine on the market, the Tennis Twist is intended for use by kids and/or beginners.

It has nearly no features you’d typically expect to find on a ball machine – no oscillation, no control of pace or feed rate, certainly no spin.

The only variable setting it has is trajectory: you can control the depth of the ball in five increments between 12 and 20 feet

Tennis Cube

The Tennis Cube is a portable tennis ball machine that works just as it is supposed to. You can adjust the interval at which the Tennis Cube throws balls stating from every two seconds up to every ten seconds.

The Tennis Cube allows you to set your preferred elevation as well.

The Tennis Cube can hold a full basket of balls and comes with a small battery charger that will recharge the machine overnight. You can optionally purchase an oscillator for the Tennis Cube that will allow the Tennis Cube to throw the balls in a pattern from side to side

Tennis Tutor Prolite

At approximately three times the cost of the Tennis Twist, it’s still one of the most affordable tennis ball machines around.

It comes in AC or battery models (built-in rechargeable battery), and has settings for varying ball speed, feed rate and trajectory, and also an optional oscillator which is well worth the extra cost.

At only a foot high and weighing just 22 pounds (29 pounds for the battery model) it’s also one of the most portable solutions around.

Tennis Tutor

This model has the same features of the Prolite, but with a heavy-duty rechargeable battery and optional two-function wireless remote control for starting and stopping the machine and controlling the oscillation, and 2-line function for delivering the ball to two preset court positions.

Tennis Tutor Plus

This model includes all the features of the standard Tennis Tutor, and includes spin functionality for imparting topspin or backspin to the ball, providing a more realistic playing experience.

The Tennis Tutor Plus – Player model has some fairly sophisticated electronics that simulates playing against a real opponent. It has Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced modes so you can practice at the level that’s right for you.

Tennis Tower

This is the top of the for home court tennis ball machines in the Sports Tutor series of tennis ball machines. The spin is adjustable, the interval and the speed of feeding the ball as well as the angle of the shots.

If you want to have it all in a durable casing, then this is the machine for you.


This is the pro model in the Sports Tutor series of tennis ball machines. You can program the speed, trajectory and even ball feed rate.  The Sports Tutor Shotmaker also has a quick-setup feature for quickly set up the settings to your level of play (beginner, intermediate or advanced).