Metal Detector Reviews

There are many models of metal detectors in the market today. Each one of them has different specifications that cater to the needs of every treasure hunter.

Metal detector reviews aim to provide existing and prospective buyers of metal detectors about the positive and negative features of different brands and models.

The reality, however, is, there is no way of telling which metal detectors are really the best because each product would have its own unique features and functions. It really depends on the requirements of the users what metal detector works best for him.

However, metal detector reviews can also provide valuable help especially for beginners at metal detecting. Those who are new in the hobby can get quick tips on what features to look for when evaluating metal detectors. Although the reviews are often opinionated, they nevertheless present a perspective on the merits of different kinds of metal detectors.

With the internet, it has become easier to check and compare all kinds of products including metal detectors. Such knowledge gives customers extra purchasing power to decide on what products they are going to buy.

Of course, you can expect the big names in the metal detector industry to always be on top of the list when browsing through metal detector reviews. Fisher metal detectors remain a top choice being pioneers in the metal detector technology and business.

Other well known metal detector brands include Tesoro, Garrett, and Bounty Hunter.

There are many vendors in the metal detector business. Some offer multiple types of metal detectors while some choose to focus on niche markets.

Reading metal detector reviews will put you a few steps ahead when you have to finally decide what product to buy.

A metal detector is the key equipment that will determine the success of a treasure hunt. So if you are asking “What are the best metal detectors on sale today?”, this article will help you with that by providing a review of the most popular metal detectors.

Tesoro Tiger Shark metal detector

Tesoro, a manufacturer of many high-quality metal detectors, recently had a field test done on its Tiger Shark brand of metal detector.

The company approached Gene Scullion, to test it for them. Mr. Scullion has been a loyal Tesoro product user for over 20 years and he lives in Wyoming.

He was a member of the 2003 Grand National Relic Shootout (GNRS) team Tesoro. The GNRS is a competition held every year where teams of treasure hunting enthusiasts (usually 16 members) compete with each other. Each team’s goal is to defeat all the other teams by digging up the most number of relics from an unseeded artifact site.

An unseeded artifact site means that no additional artifacts were planted there by the judges or the organizing committee. This competition is usually sponsored by one of the largest metal detector manufacturers in the country.

Test findings and results

The Tesoro Tiger Shark metal detector field test was performed near salt water to test its special terrain settings. This metal detector features a setting for land and fresh water, and another setting for salt water.

Because salt normally interferes with most metal detectors, the designers at Tesoro decided to add this feature. This immediately impressed Mr. Scullion who noted that the Normal and Salt settings can not be interchanged. This underscored the importance of each individual function.

Another feature that Mr. Scullion found interesting was the Tiger Shark’s ability to switch between search coils.

He noted that this capability was unique to metal detectors constructed by Tesoro. Mr Scullion also noticed that the metal detector displayed a great degree of sensitivity and clarity during the Tesoro Tiger Shark metal detector field test.

According to him, it was difficult to distinguish a low tone from a weak hit on a deeply-buried item with other metal detectors.

However, during the Tesoro Tiger Shark metal detector field test, he said that he experienced no such problems. Mr. Scullion says that to make a big find, it is very important to differentiate between low tones to distinguish garbage and weak signals from potentially valuable items buried deep beneath the sand.

Finally, Mr. Scullion lauded Tesoro’s attention to detail by mentioning the user’s manual in his report. According to him, most metal detector manufacturers will be good enough to explain the basic things such as how to assemble the metal detector correctly and how to use it properly.

However, most of them neglect to explain why these things need to be done a certain way. Mr. Scullion was pleased to note that during the Tesoro Tiger Shark metal detector field test , the user’s manual provided plenty of explanations on why things should be done as directed. He also noted that full-color pictures were included in the manual as well.

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Metal Detector

This metal detector is one of the best picks that any treasure hunter should have. It is sensitive, accurate, and affordable.

It has a depth that can reach up to eight inches in detecting coins and other small relic. It can also detect larger items that are hidden 36 inches deep into the ground.

You can finetune this metal detector for specific types of treasure hunting such as gold prospecting in the USA.

It has four specific modes–the adjustable discrimination, all-metal, notch, and all-notch. It has an LCD display that tells you the identification of the target and its depth under the ground. It also has an auto ground adjustment that will allow you to use it in any terrain.

White’s Electronics E-Series

This line of metal detectors can be adjusted to three different modes: the coin/jewelry mode, relic mode, and prospecting mode.

With a simple adjustment of a switch, this metal detector can help you in any kind of treasure hunting.

It has an LCD screen that displays the depth and kind of metal that is found. It has three adjustable knobs that will allow you to fine tune your metal detector to make your search more effective.

For those who like to traverse through rough terrain, the metal detectors from this series have an automatic ground balance. It means that you no longer have to adjust your metal detector to efficiently hunt on uneven grounds.

Furthermore, they are also waterproof. A low-end model of White’s Electronics E-Series costs around $800 to $1,000.

Fisher CZ-70 Pro Target ID Metal Detector

This model has been designed by the manufacturer specifically for coin hunting. Unlike the previous models that only have three modes, the Fisher CZ-70 Pro Target ID Metal Detector offers a new target tone that allows you to find coins from almost any depth or place.

It has a lock-on LCD screen, touch pad controls, and other rain-proof and splash proof features that will make treasure hunting more efficient.

It has a total length of 52 centimeters but its length can be reduced to 41 inches when it is collapsed. It is lightweight at only 3.8 pounds. This model is worth the money and can be purchased at any electronic shop in the country.

Garrett SuperWand Metal Detector

The Garrett SuperWand is designed for security purposes rather than treasure hunting. It has a sleek and easy-to-grip design to allow the user to have an easy but effective search.

You can choose to set it in vibration or audio alert. This ultra sensitive metal detector will be able to pinpoint any concealed metal objects.