Bounty Hunter Tracker II Metal Detector Archaeology Pro Kit Review

The Tracker II is suited for educational uses and other archaeological application such as in historical sites. So that means archaeology students, coin shooters, treasure hunters, relic hunters, and beach combers amongst others.

The Tracker II can be used on both hard surfaces and shallow waters to carry out metal prospecting with a great degree of accuracy.

It provides detection capability for a depth of up to 7 inches for coins and small relics and a depth of 2 feet for the larger objects. You can auto-balance the coil to any specific soil conditions using the Ground Trac feature.

The Tracker II has multiple operation modes such as the Variable Notch, the Auto Notch mode, along with the All Metal mode that allow for the pinpointing of specific targets, while rejecting unwanted trash that is of little value.

Target ID and depth is provided by the LCD screen functionality which also has a low battery indicator and operational controls.

You can closely monitor the relic hunting process by making use of the speaker and headphone jacks. Also included in the metal detector is a metallic trowel that you can use to dig up the treasure that you have unearthed during your hunting.


Built with a full discrimination capability
• The metal detector has an ergonomic design that provides for relative ease of use.
• Power sensitivity controls features.
• Makes use of two 9V alkaline batteries. These are sold separately and do not come as part of the package.
• Has comprehensive downloadable manual and online tutorials.
• Comes with 5 year warranty
• Comes with two canisters that enable ease of transportation of the metal detector.
• Multiple modes of operation including the Variable Notch mode, the Auto Notch mode, and the All Metal mode.
• Clear detection enabled by a two tone feedback.


The Tracker II is perfect for novice detectorists and archaeological students or prospectors working on archeological sites.

It comes with the Bounty Hunter quality. The seven inch coil is waterproof and you can comfortably apply the coil in wet areas such as beach areas.

Additional accessories such as the canisters, aprons and trowels enable you to seamless use the equipment to carry out additional tasks during your metal prospecting. With a price less than $200, there could never be a better value for money when it comes to metal detector choices.