Pinpointers for Metal Detecting

It is hugely unsatisfying and time-consuming to dig through an entire crater just to find something as small as a coin.

You can use best metal detectors, of course, but it will only give you a general idea of the location of the find. It will not give you exact information on how deep underground it is or where it is exactly in the dig.

For this reason, designers have developed pinpointers to save time and effort. These handy devices let treasure seekers find what they are looking for faster and more efficiently.

Usually, these gadgets are used in conjunction with a larger metal detector.

Here are product reviews of some of the pinpointers that are available in the market.

Sherlock Electronic Pinpoint Probes

These handy pinpointers are able to pick up nickel, bronze, and other coin materials that are buried in soil as shallow as 1.5 inches in depth.

Its simple push-button operation is very convenient. These pinpointers come with a light-emitting diode in the front compartment of the unit. This powerful little bulb makes treasure hunting at night possible.

The Sherlock Electronic Pinpoint Probes emit a loud beeping noise when detecting and the LED changes in color as well. Their radio signals do not interfere with most commonly used metal detectors.

This pinpointer costs $80 apiece, and is definitely good value for money. However, there is one drawback – these pinpointers are not waterproof, so treasure hunting in the rain or in a wet environment is next to impossible.

White’s Bullseye Pinpointers

These pinpointers are mid-range in terms of price. They have a LED to allow for nighttime treasure hunting and they are operated with just a push of a button.

When inserted into the ground, they can detect coins and other metallic items within eight inches. The user is notified of detection either by a beeping sound or by a vibration. These features have made a lot of customers happy and satisfied.

However, some users have been disappointed by the White’s Bullseye pinpointers because they claim that the push-button system is unreliable. It’s either the button would fall off or would refuse to work. This means that these pinpointers are very susceptible to wear and tear.

Also, they are not waterproof, so treasure hunting is limited to dry environments.

Some users have also complained that this kind of pinpointers is flimsy and are liable to snap off after a few uses. However, these are isolated cases as most users are satisfied with the White’s Bullsye pinpointers.

Vibraprobe 650 Pinpointers

The Vibaprobe 650 pinpointers pick up the slack where the others leave off. They are completely waterproof and are built to last.

Instead of the typical push-button system, these pinpointers uses an automatic on-off system upon insertion. This means that the user does not have to remain bent over while operating it.

However, Vibaprobe 650 has a range of just one inch. Some treasure hunters prefer this, but others do not.

Also, many users find that these pinpointers only detect certain metals. This can translate to less hits and fewer finds. Like the Bullseye, the Vibraprobe 650 is priced at $120.

Treasure Mate Pinpointers

Treasure Mate pinpointers are top of the line pinpointers. The entire shaft of the probe is waterproof, so they can be used for prospecting and hunting in wet conditions.

These pinpointers run on nine-volt batteries which can be installed with the use of a Phillips-head screwdriver. They locate metals by “tuning” into the magnetic fields of the minerals in the area.

End users have been very pleased with this product, however, Treasure Mate is the most expensive pinpointer in the market $159 apiece.