Metal Detector Accessories

Beef up your handheld or ground search metal detectors with metal detecting accessories and instantly enhance your mini expeditions.

These accessories are great for effectively detecting harmful metallic weapons or successfully locating missing treasures.

What accessories are worth investing in? Here are some ideas:

Metal detecting headphones

Headphones are indispensable metal detecting accessories. They instantly alert you when your metal detector finds a metal since they are attached to your ears – unlike regular speakers whose sounds could get drowned in noisy environments such as crowded beaches.

Choose headphones with stereo and volume control for more accurate sound recognition

Headphones are sometimes already included when you purchase a metal detector as complementary devices to your metal detector. However, some brands will require you to buy a pair separately.

Although headphones have varying prices, you can generally purchase an affordable one for only $15. More expensive versions cost around $200.

Pocket probes

Probes are metal detecting accessories that help locate the exact area of the metal you are looking for.

Simply place the probe on the ground and pop the coin out with an edged screwdriver to find the target.

The probe will locate your target to several inches under the ground, letting you know exactly where to dig.

Pocket probes come in handy especially in the woods where there are lots of roots and small plants to deal with. They are also ideal in places where you will not be able to dig a hole. Pocket probes are helpful and convenient metal detecting accessories.

You can get a pocket probe for $200 to $300.

Digging tools

Digging tools are very important for immediately retrieving your ‘treasures.’ These metal detecting accessories usually come in kits that include a basic garden trowel, a handle pick, a hunting knife, and plastic containers for your finds.

Once your metal detector alerts you of a find, you can immediately use your digging tools to hollow out the ground and see if it is valuable.

You can buy these treasure relic digging tools separately or in a package. Buying packaged digging tools will save you money, but it does not give you a lot of choices.

If you prefer different brands, you should buy your digging tools separately. A single trowel costs about $3 to $15 while a handle picks costs $5 to $50.

Flashlights or headlamps

Flashlights and/or headlamps are metal detecting accessories so that let you search even at night. If you can afford to, choose models that are waterproof so you can go on treasure hunting even when it is raining.

Just one reminder: these metal detecting accessories use up a lot of energy to be able to work effectively, so do not forget to bring extra batteries with you.